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My Prayer List

"Dear Father in heaven, before I pray for these others, I come to you a sinner, a weak human, asking that you will look into my heart and know it.  I ask that you will open my eyes to my need for the blood of Jesus to cover me.  I accept the sacrifice of your dear son Jesus Christ. I choose to follow in His way, and accept His will in my life. I do not come demanding my prayers be answered as I will them to be, but trusting in your wisdom to answer them as you see best. As I pray for each of these people on my list, I realize I do not even know what each one is facing on a daily basis. But you know Father, and I ask that in your great wisdome, and in accordance with the will and desire of your son, Jesus, that you will touch each life. I praise you for all the wonderful things you have already done, and look foward to the day when we will all be home with you in the heavely home Jesus went to prepare. Amen 

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My Prayer List includes people I am praying daily for.



Cathy and family, (Mitch, Mitchie, James, Leslie).

Ray and famiy, (Linda, Birssy, Perla, Matthew).

Roy and family, (Sandy, her two adopted girls, her two sons & families).

Benjie, and family, (Deborah, Destiny & Brad, Jonathan).

Johnny and family, (Kristy, Wesley, John, Brianna).

George and family, (Connie, Valerie, Jacob).

Colleen, Carol Ann, & Poco and families.

Rachel, Esther, Mike, Johnathan.

Elvira's Mike

Dick and Shirl

Judy and Dick

Annie and Doug

Duane and me, (evie).


Winnie & Duck

Friend Tiānshǐ & family

Pastor Ken and Annetta

Joanne and Peggy

Phil & Polly



Marilyn and Marvin

Diane and Errol

Friend Karen

Friend Kathy

Joy and David

my enemy Holly

Church Prayer line requests

Church & School

Friends For Jesus viewers

Facebook friend requests

A place to remember the most beautiful flower of all, the Rose Of Sharon!