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  Answered Prayers bring encouragement to others, and glory to God.  This could be called the PRAISE page. 
  Often we pray for those who send us their prayer requests and never hear how things turned out.  Below are a few answers to prayer that have come back to us.
  If you have had an answer to prayer that you would like to share with us,
 please click here to send us a note.


Thank for your prayers on behalf of my friend, Clara.
She is now home recovering from her triple bypass heart
surgery. It has been good to hear her voice and
receive a note from her. The visiting nurse says she
is doing well. Praise goes to our heavenly Father
for this positive health news in Clara's life.

-- Katherine

Dear Friends for Jesus Viewers,

Yesterday I talked to a special friend, whom I call my "little sister". She was all smiles and walking on air, or so it seemed.
You see two days before she and her husband welcomed home their son, Ben, after his fourteen month tour of duty in Iraq.
The big yellow ribbon on a large tree in their front yard has been removed now . . . their son is safely on US soil . . . surely a wonderful answer to their prayers for his safe return. He came home without having received any injuries. Another Praise the Lord for this!

This wonderful family noticed a young lad in a wheel chair waiting for the marines to return on a bus. He wanted to see his buddies. He had to come home early for he had lost both his legs. Ben's Mom and Dad gave this young lad a special hug!

So it was a joyous and yet tearful time when sixteen names were shown on a black banner. These sixteen young men didn't make it home alive. How wonderful when wars will be no more!

  Dear Friends For Jesus,   thanks for your concern and prayer for us while we were ill.  We are both fine now, thank the Lord, it feels so good to feel not sick.  M's sick  time totaled about 30 minutes.  He wasn't looking too spry, looking tired too early in the day, etc.  I asked him, are you okay?  He replied he felt a little sick.  I urged him to get some rest, sit down and put his feet up.  He did so for 5 minutes, then jumped up and said he refused to be sick!  He then went out and did a bunch of work and has been his normal bouncy self since, for which we are both thankful.  I privately thought "Mary Baker Eddy would have loved him!"  Resisting illness usuallly works for me too, just so I give in and rest a bit, but this time it didn't.   M & M   March 7,2007

Hello everyone,
I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my dad.  He went into the hospital two weeks ago not expected to live.  He is now off of life support, off of many of the drugs that were keeping him alive and now they are talking about transferring him to a facility for rehab...the hospital staff are calling him the miracle man...but WE know why he is a miracle.  I praise the Lord for all he has done.  I also pray that this will be used as a healing time emotionally for our family.
Thank you all once again for your prayers!!!
Blessings to all!!!!

Dear Friends for Jesus,

Just a note to tell you of the blessings and answers to a prayer I received. For a while I have been praying that my daughter would find her way to Jesus. She is now in a bible study group and talks with me constantly about how this has changed her life. And, as a bonus, her youngest son has been attending church and bible study classes weekly with a friend of his. Mind you, he is only 12 years old and has decided to do this upon his own. Of course, we know God had his hand in this. I praise His Name for this blessing with a bonus.

Faithfully yours and Eternally His,


Dear Friends For Jesus,
The sun was brighter today, the air was refreshing, and my heart was warmed . . .
because I learned this morning that my daughter is praying.   For years I have pleaded with God
to draw her back home to Him. 
Recently this daughter of mine has been seeking a new job.  I have been praying the Lord would lead her
to the job that was just right for her.  I wondered to myself, "Is she praying about this, too?"  Well, today I learned
indirectly, that yes . . . my daughter is praying that God will lead her in her job quest.  Further, she told a friend . . .
"I say prayers every night with my little girl". 
I believe my precious daughter is slowly but surely on her way back home to God.   My gratitude goes to Jesus for
answering my many years of prayer for this dear girl.

comment: Dear Friends for Jesus ~

This little note could be entitled "Before you pray, I will answer".

Recently it came to my attention that my Dad, who lives far away from us, could not live "independently" any more. He has had a wonderful caregiver, but his care became too much for her.

Well, God, of course, knew all this ahead of time. For you see Dad will be moving to a Family Care home run by his present caregiver's granddaughter and her husband. It sounds like a heaven sent place and situation, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our Heavenly Father that my Dad will be living in such a warm, loving, caring atmosphere -- surrounded by people he knows and loves.

Further to this, I was assured today, and this just blows me away . . . that when the time comes that Dad's health requires more intense care, the daughter of his present caregiver will take him in her home. Her words were, "I want him".

Now we have the assurance Dad will never have to face having to be a nursing home resident. He just couldn't handle that type of living at all.

So be assured my friends, God is watching over us . . . and He has blessings and plans for us that are for our best . . . they might not be known to us all the time, but God will put His love into action! Rest assured in His wonderful arms.

Thankfully to my Father God and His Son, Jesus, I share this note.



Dear Friends For Jesus,


At this moment during a busy morning, I have to stop and share some good news.

A few weeks ago prayer was requested for
and Althea.
Leon had suffered a stroke, and his memory was affected. Just recently I spoke with both of them on the phone, and I am so pleased to tell you that Leon's memory is greatly improved. There are still some physical concerns. Leon and Althea wanted to thank everyone for praying for them, and your continued prayers would be appreciated. THANK YOU!

Dear Friends for Jesus,

I have often asked you to pray with me for my daughter who seemed to have a serious illness of unknown origin.  All our questions are not answered yet, but Praise God she seems to be improving and is having more good days now.  We ask you to join with us in praise for answered prayer.


Dear Friends for Jesus,

    My neighbor Jeanie asked for prayer for her husband who had a stroke, and they feared he might need to go into a nursing home.  Jeanie was very concerned and had been spending sleepless nights trying to figure out what they would do.  After we prayed for her she told me that she was able to sleep well that night, and in the morning her husband was much improved and was able to come back home within the week.


Dear Fiends for Jesus,

   For many years I have been praying for my grandson to come back to the Lord.  Just a few days ago I heard from his mother that he is going back to church and also attending college again.  I want to praise the Lord for hearing my prayers for the salvation of my grandson.


Dear Friends for Jesus,

This week has been so hard for Winnie, when she found out her granddaughter has Leukemia and cancer of the Lymph glands.  She asked us to pray for the granddaughter, that they would be able to find a doctor who could treat the kind of Leukemia that she has.  Today she found out that the doctors have diagnosed her Leukemia and are beginning treatment.  She is hopeful and we are asked to keep on praying for her and for Winnie who has given her granddaughter over to the Lord.  

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